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Exploring the Best Used Skid Steers for Sale at Borneman Trucking,

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From humble origins as a family-owned construction company to blossoming into a reputable fleet operating across 48 states, Borneman Trucking, Inc. (BTI) stands as a testament to growth, integrity, and quality service. With a profound understanding of logistics and a commitment to surpassing industry standards. However, BTI has carved a niche in the transportation domain. Specializing in the best used skid steers for sale, BTI offers a fusion of reliability, affordability, and unparalleled service. However, a harmonious blend that resonates with seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.

The BTI Journey

Borneman Trucking, Inc.’s inception occurred within the confines of a small, family-owned construction company. BTI’s growth was nurtured from the seed of a single truck. Although, expanding its reach to a fleet of over twenty units that traverse the expanse of 48 states. This evolution culminated in transforming from a private entity to a “For Hire” Contract Carrier status in 2011. This shift marked the commencement of a new chapter that emphasized quality service. Moreover, competitive pricing, immaculate equipment, expert drivers, and a warm and welcoming staff. At BTI, the cornerstone of honesty and integrity reigns supreme, guiding the company’s operations with an unwavering commitment to ethical standards.


Used skid steers shine as a beacon of savings, allowing individuals to acquire a high-performing machine without the steep price tag of a brand-new counterpart. However, the journey begins with honestly assessing your budget and requirements. While a lower price can be tempting, aligning your expectations with your financial capacity ensures that your investment strikes the right balance between cost and quality.


The spectrum of used skid steers spans from those that have been meticulously maintained to those that bear wear and tear marks. It’s crucial to undertake a comprehensive inspection before sealing the deal. Examine the machine closely for visible signs of deterioration, ensuring every component is in optimal working condition. This vigilance guarantees a reliable investment that stands the test of time.


The number of hours logged by the best used skid steers for sale is a telling indicator of its overall condition and the extent of its use. Machines with low hours often boast reduced wear, hinting at better maintenance practices and a longer potential lifespan. Conversely, a higher hour count may indicate a history of more intense use. Combining this insight with the machine’s overall condition provides a well-rounded understanding of its health.

Make and Model

The landscape of skid steers is abundant with diverse makes and models, each catering to specific needs and tasks. The decision-making process hinges on considering the size of the machine, the intended usage, and your budget. Whether you seek agility in confined spaces or formidable power for larger projects. However, there’s a skid steer designed to align harmoniously with your requirements.


A subset of used skid steers comes equipped with a warranty. Further, an added layer of assurance that offers peace of mind in the face of unexpected challenges. This safeguard mitigates concerns about unforeseen maintenance expenses. Although, allowing you to focus on your projects without the shadow of uncertainty looming over your investment.


As the search for the best used skid steers for sale leads you to Borneman Trucking, Inc. Moreover, you’re greeted by a company that epitomizes quality, integrity, and affordability. BTI’s journey—from its roots in a family-owned construction company to a respected Contract Carrier—echoes its dedication to excellence and service. In a world where machinery plays a pivotal role in construction and beyond. Moreover, the availability of used skid steers offers an opportunity to harness the power of technology without stretching budgets to their limits. By adhering to principles of honesty and ethical conduct. BTI provides machines and forges relationships that withstand the test of time. The next time you seek a reliable machine at a great price. However, BTI stands ready to be your partner in realizing your projects and ambitions.