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22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel

22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel

22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel

22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel

22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel

22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel


Product Description

The 22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel is a heavy-duty attachment designed to enhance the compaction capabilities of your backhoe. It is specifically engineered for efficient and effective compaction for various soil and paving applications. Whether you’re working on road construction, trench backfilling, or utility installations, the 22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel is essential to achieve optimum compaction results.

Efficient Compaction:

The 22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel is designed to deliver efficient and uniform compaction. With its wide coverage area, it allows for maximum ground contact, ensuring effective compaction of the soil or pavement. The compaction wheel’s precise weight distribution and high compaction force help increase the density of the compacted surface, providing stability and minimizing future settling or damage.

Versatile Applications:

This compaction wheel is suitable for many applications. It can compact granular soils, asphalt, and other paving materials. Its compatibility with backhoes makes it ideal for various construction tasks, including trench backfilling, foundation work, and landscaping projects.

Durable Construction:

The 22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel is built to withstand heavy-duty use and challenging job site conditions. It is constructed with high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The rugged design and reinforced components allow the compaction wheel to withstand the forces exerted during the compaction process, providing reliable performance over extended periods.

Easy Installation and Operation:

This compaction wheel is designed for easy installation and operation on compatible backhoes. It features a quick attachment system that allows hassle-free mounting onto the backhoe’s arm. The intuitive controls enable operators to easily operate the compaction wheel, ensuring efficient and precise compaction.

Enhanced Productivity:

The 22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel helps increase productivity on the job site by reducing the number of passes required for compaction. Its wide coverage area and high compaction force enable faster compaction, saving time and labor costs. With improved productivity, you can complete your projects more efficiently and meet project deadlines.

Improved Surface Quality:

Using the 22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel can achieve a smooth and even surface finish. It helps eliminate voids and air pockets, creating a more uniform and stable surface. This improves the overall quality and longevity of the compacted area, reducing the need for future repairs or maintenance.

Maintenance and Support:

The compaction wheel is designed for easy maintenance, allowing for quick inspections and routine upkeep. Proper maintenance ensures optimal performance and extends the lifespan of the attachment. The manufacturer or authorized dealer can also provide comprehensive support and assistance, including access to replacement parts and knowledgeable customer service.

Please note that specific features and compatibility may vary depending on the actual unit and the backhoe it is attached to. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer or authorized dealer for more detailed information about the 22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel and its compatibility with your specific backhoe model.

Key Features

Product Features


22″ Backhoe Compaction Wheel